Company Information

Head Office
Trade Name TEMCO JAPAN Co,. LTD.
Established March 24, 1985
Capital 213,500,000 JPY
Representative Director Takeshi Takeda President, C.E.O.
Head Office 〒168-0062
2-21-4, Honan, Suginami-ku Tokyo, Japan
13 Chipping Campden Drive, South Barrington, IL. 60010, USA
China Subsidiary: (Shanghai Plant) TEMCO SHANGHAI CO., LTD
The 8th Building in Phase4 of Royal
Industry Park, Shanghai Songjiang
Export Processing Zone
Finland Research & Development Center TEMCO FINLAND Research & Development Center
Katrineholminkatu 6,
24240 Salo FINLAND
Purpose of Business Development, manufacture and sales of bone conduction communication devices,
infrared communication devices and wireless communication devices as well as electronic parts and accessories relating to all of the above.
Business connections The United States Army.
Government army
Police department
Fire brigade of each country.
Japan Ministry of Defense
National Police Agency
Fire Defense Agency
Motorola Inc.
ITT Corporation.
Entel UK Limited
Panasonic Corporation
TOSHIBA Coroporation
Patent abroad U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Canada, Australia, Korea, and Taiwan Etc.

Company profile

World first bone conduction michrophone by Temco

Picking up human voice in the inner ear by principled patent, Temco Japan Co, LTD was established in march 1985 on purpose of developing and manufacturing bone conduction products.

Bone conduction microphone used to be known and described as a higher tolerance to prevent picking surrounded noise and carry human voice most effectively. But it still lacked sound clarity to the market.
Succeeding in combining a speaker and microphone into a single case, Temco became the first manufacture to develop bone conduction ear microphone allowing two-way communications with single ear.
Furthermore, meeting an enhanced and unique bone conduction interface amp, Temco improved more user friendly product such as hands free VOX(voice induced circuit).
With acquisition of the patent for bone conduction speaker in 1988, along with bone conduction microphone, Temco organized a system to be able to produce every possible products related to bone conduction technology.
Company name Temco stands for Tokyo Ear Microphone Company. As its name suggests ear microphone has been always leading model of Temco from the starting business.

In the bone conduction market, Temco is known as one of the worldwide cutting edge.

For epoch making communication brought by Temco

Temco also succeeded in devising a patented high performance miniature bone conduction speaker to convert sound signals into vibrations.

This revolutionary new speaker helped to apply the new technology to variety product development.bone1

Depending on how efficiently bone conduction mic’s picking up the vibration from the bone, the specification will be widely changed.
To improve better mic sensitivity does not really show its true strength of bone conduction. There are still many hurdles to overcome like a picking up surrounded noise or others.
Even in such a difficult condition, Temco has been developed new original method called VSCM, vibration sound conversion microphone, to solve above issues for better bone conduction production.
Now Temco distributes a lot of unique models by variety combination of Temco’s own bone conduction methods.
● Original bone conduction technology by Temco
● For epoch making communication brought by Temco
● Ear microphone picks up vocal cord vibration from auditory canal.
● You can communicate by wearing ear microphone in one ear.
● Bone conduction head set between bone conduction speaker and current microphone.
● You can hear surrounding sounds with ears free.Even under the high noise level, you can transit your voice picking up the sound from top of the head to temporal area .

Furthermore, Temco devotes main effort to upgrading variety interfaces.
Applying new bone conduction techniques of listening sound and picking up voice
to advanced communication, Temco provides cutting edged communication
tool with higher value-added in many markets.

For further information of other product lineup, like free communication tool(received / transmitted + received), welfare product (Kikuchan) and helmet type bone conduction (Shellshocker) etc, please check further information on each pages.

Corporate History

1985 3Established Temco Japan in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo in March with a capital of ¥4,000,000
1987 Increased capital to ¥16,000,000
Established TEMCO COMMUNICATIONS, INC. in the United States.
1989 Started to supply Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department.
1990 Started to supply Japan Self Defense Forces with customized por-table radio communication equipment.
Launched general-purpose Voiceducer radio interface“RB/RD”series.
1991 Started to supply Motorola, Inc., U.S.A. with their official private label accessories for their portable radio.
1992 Authorized by U.S. Army to supply their procurement list items.
1994 Started to market general use interface“SB/SD”series compat-ible with various types of radio.
Started to manufacture and sell general audio accessories includ-ing headset.
1995 Obtained National Police Agency’s permission to supply them with accessories for portable police radiophones.
1996 Increased the capital to¥118,500,000 and relocated Temco’s head office to Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
Started to market ear microphone with duplex interface for on the premises PHS mobile.
1997 Increased the capital to¥185,000,000.
Launched waterproof body type PTT interface“BM”series
1998 Relocated the head office to Honancho Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
Introduced bone conduction speaker.Launched headset“HG”series equipped with bone conduction speaker.
1999 Increased a capital to¥213,500,000
Launched waterproof VOX interface“DM”series with DSP.
Launched mobile infrared medical emergency communication system“Ir-ED”
Devised waterproof secure tactical radio system“V.A.D.E.R.” customized for bone conduction microphone.
2000 Launched IR broadcaster system.
Launched bone conduction assistive listening device“Kikuchan”
2001 Devised bone conduction system for computerized voice induc-ed program.
Launched bone conduction telephone.
2002 Relocated Temco’s head office to a present address and opened Osaka office.
Launched bone conduction “Shellshocker”for motorcyclist helmet.
2003 Established TEMCO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. in China.
Launched bone conduction pillow.
2004 Launched miniature bone conduction speaker for cellular phone.
2005 Opened Temco Japan European representative office.
Devised super miniature bone conduction speaker in the world.
2006 Launched VSCM ear microphone.
2007 TEMCOM granted a license for manufacture of ITAR by US Department of State.
2008 Launched the world’s first bone conduction sunglasses.

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