Bone Conduction

System of voice& sound

What is Bone conduction?

In general, we believe listening to human’s voice or the sound of music with ears only.

Pronoun of bone conduction

In case of whales, the ears are inside the body to protect against seawater and hydraulic pressure.For Beethoven, one of the greatest composers, he continued to write music by certain method of picking up the sound of piano witout his hearing in the last years.

How could whales and Beethoven hear the sound under the hard environment? The answer is follow.

Capturing from seawater with lower jaw, whales are able to listen to the vibration sounds.

Holding a baton with the teeth and pressing it firmly against a piano, Beethoven could listen to the vibration sounds of piano from his teeth to organ via the skull.

As shown those samples, voice& sound generally transimitted by:

(1) Air vibration sound, described as listening with the ears

(2)Transmitted sound by bone vibration, described as the bone conducted sound.

In other words, voice & sound transmitted by air vibrations or bones and skin vibrations to reach the auditory nerve.

Listen to the sound by bone conduction speaker

Bone conduction system

As introduced above, the vibrated sound generally transimitted by:

Bone Conduction Speaker

(1) Air vibration sound (2)The bone conducted sound.

This means translating into actual sound as it reaches the auditory nverve in the inner ear. So let us show you how sound vibrations reach the auditory nerve. In the case of the air conduction sound, described as the sound we hear with our own ears.

Collecting at the outer ear and transimitting the auditory canal to vibrate the ear dram, the sound created by speaking voice, TV or radio. Amplified this vibratory motion by the middle ear to float the tip of the auditory nerve, we finally understand the vibrated sound.

In the case of vibrated sound, without via the external ear canal and middle ear, transmitted to the cochlea to swing the auditory nerve floating in lymph, we can understand the sound. For example, hearing your own voice with covered ears, this is the proof of vibrated sound.

Above condition by blocking air conduction, your voice may sound differenct because of the bone conduction sound.

The own our voice normally means mixed sounds of air and bone conduction.

Advantage of bone conduction

Listening by the use of bone conduction means many advantages as follow. The most advantage is to let ears absolutely free.

At the same time, you can still enjoy your normal conversation and listening to the surrounded sounds without removing the bone conduction spearer.

Meantime, even in the high noise condition, you can hear the clear sounds by the use of ear plugs for the protection. Furthermore, in case of disable of hearing, you can use bone conduction as a hearing aid.

Plus the use in the water or special work environment, Temco’s bone conduction production meets many use and needs.

Picking up the sound by bone conduction microphone.

Mechanism of picking up the sound by bone conduction

Our voice created by vibrating vocal chords as we speak. The voice recognized by others are air vibrated sound to others. Plus vibration from the vocal chords reach our auditory nerve as a bone conduction sound via the skull.

Bone Conduction Mic

For example, even covered mouth and ears with hands, you can still hear a certain level of your own voice by bone conduction sound. Under such a condition, voice may sound a little strange because of your bone conduction sound by blocking air condition sound.

On the contrary, tape recorded sounds different, picking up only air conduction sound instead of bone conduction sound.

To capture bone condition sound is possible by collecting vocal chords via bone with highly sentitive vibration sensor and converting into the electric sound signals.

Advantage of picking up bone conduction sound

Picking up bone conduction sound means direct exchange from vocal chords vibrations into electric sound signals.

The use of Temco’s technology made it possible to devise excellent communication tools for high tolerance against external noise, flexible position of microphone, and water proof structure for outside or in the water.

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