The bone conduction of our products,Available in a wide variety of environments.

High-noisy environments

High Noisy

Such as steel mills and airports, our products are also available in the fierce industrial facilities of noise remarkably.

※Depending on the environment, noise control of ear plugs, etc. is required.

Middle-noisy environments

Middle Noisy

You can communicate by using the bone conduction products, without having to block the ear hole.

Guard, SP


Ear microphone / VOX function, confidentiality can be done hands-free communication in high.

Wearing special equipments(gas mask, fire-resistant clothes, protective clothing)

Wearing Special Equipments

Our products can communicate even if they are fitted with a gas mask.

Enterprise / Telephone operator, courier, Messenger


Unlike air conduction speaker, I do not put a burden on hearing, eardrum in operating for a long time.

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